Become an Exhibitor

"Being at the Utah Healthy Food Expo is a great way to engage with health-conscience Utahans. We are looking forward to next year's event." - 1% Fitness

Day of the Event

The Utah Healthy Food Expo is a day of education, entertainment, support and FOOD. 

  • Education - Guest speakers will talk about healthy eating, cooking, nutrition and more.
  • Entertainment - There will be a yoga session, live music, and cooking demonstrations. 
  • Support - We will support local companies by offering them the opportunity to sample and sell their products throughout the day.
  • Exhibitors - Will be selling, sampling, and cooking delicious healthy food.
As an Exhibitor, you get...

Ability to sell/sample/cook food
Chance to gather emails for marketing
Opportunity to promote your brand to health-conscience Utahans
10 x 10 space
3 x 6 ft table
2 chairs
Only $300 per space

Who will be there?

At the 2nd Annual Utah Healthy Food Expo we are expecting around 4000 attendees throughout the day. 
The type of people who will be at the expo are health-conscience Utah's who are looking for new opportunities to improve their well-being. This is a consumer event making attendees interested in purchasing products or services. There will also be media, bloggers and influencers in the health/food industry.


Our goal is to obtain around 4000 attendees. We plan to accomplish this with marketing efforts via print, radio, tv, Facebook target advertising, and with guest speakers, cooking demos, yoga session and more entertainment.